Welcome to adventureholic, a name and brand that recognises, encourages and celebrates the adventurous spirit in all of us. We want to inspire people to be a little more adventurous in their lives and it’s never too late to start! On this site you will be able to order a copy of ‘Adventureholic – Extraordinary journeys on seven continents by land, sea and air‘, request a talk on “The Adventurous Mindset”, purchase adventure photography, clothing, equipment and even an Adventureholic vehicle.


Adventureholic - Extraordinary journeys on seven continents by land, sea and air

is a book by Neil Laughton, with a Foreword from Bear Grylls and endorsed by numerous well known adventurers including Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Sir Richard Branson, Major Tim Peak, Rebecca Stephens, Steve Backshall and Charley Boorman. This book is a roller-coaster ride around the world detailing the exciting, daring and occasionally eccentric expeditions undertaken by the author over a 30 year exploratory career.

The true stories include multiple expeditions to Mt Everest, the Arctic and Antarctica as well as journeys to deserts, jungles and oceans. methods of travel include climbing, trekking, riding, driving, flying and on one occasion paddling a bath! Readers will gain knowledge, inspiration and confidence that almost any adventurous endeavour is possible. You just need to be passionate, committed and have the courage to take the first step on your own exciting journey. The final chapter is called ‘Nine Lives and how I lost them’ and serves as a warning to the under-prepared, over-confident and those lacking a little common sense


How do you start your journey as an adventureholic? Why is it so important to be adventurous in life, both personally and professionally? How do you overcome the obstacles to leading a life more adventurously? When you book Neil Laughton to give his talk “The Adventurous Mindset” these questions will be answered and more. Listen first hand to some of the extraordinary adventures featured in the book, ignite your desire for more adventure in your own life and take the opportunity to ask questions and advice from the ‘original’ adventureholic.


In collaboration with Training & Development company Laughton & Co Ltd, groups of people from business organisations, sports teams or groups of friends can co-design a bespoke adventureholic experience ranging from a day in the great outdoors, a three day experiential journey or even participate in a full-on adventurous expedition. Conversations with bored business executives in the past few years have led to journeys in the Peruvian Amazon (paddle boarding), the Namibian Skeleton Coast (wildlife safari) and the Nepalese Himalayas (trekking & cycling). What’s your next adventure?!

Incredible Photography

Being an ‘Adventureholic’ has provided some incredible opportunities to photograph some of the wildest and most beautiful places on the planet. The catalogue of images offered below are a selection from Neil Laughton and his expedition team members including professional adventure photographer Martin Hartley. Each image is part of a limited edition print run of 25, offered in large size (36 x 24 inches), medium (20 x 16 inches), small (16 x 12 inches) and printed on the finest quality paper. Your chosen images will be accompanied by an authentication certificate, signed by the photographer.

Adventureholic Clothing

We are pleased to offer a selection of ‘adventureholic’ branded clothing that you may enjoy wearing on your next adventurous journey or perhaps just going down the High Street…

Expedition Equipment

We are excited to be bringing you a specially curated collection of equipment that you may find useful up a mountain, on the high seas or whilst crossing a desert… Watch this space.


Coming soon…in collaboration with Whitebox UK, we are pleased to offer an adventureholic all terrain vehicle that you can own outright or hire for an adventurous week in the Highlands of Scotland, the Lake District or Welsh mountains…

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